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The Origins of Shaveology

I got a comment on one of my miscellaneous Youtube shaving videos this weekend: “Is Shaveology a blog or a youtube channel?” It’s both, but it originally started as a Youtube channel.

Since beginning to wet shave in 2006, I’ve wanted to help others find the solution to the chore of shaving. As mentioned, mantic59’s youtube videos were a treasure trove of information and inspiration; he’s still the foremost internet expert on most things wet shaving. Geofatboy is also a good source of wet shaving (straight & DE) info too, altho his videos are generally in the 20-25 minute range!

With my background in video production and post production, I thought that I could bring a new voice to the online wet shaving video community. I had already produced a couple of shaving related videos on Youtube, but I envisioned a well organized, branded series of videos and content… and this was the start of Shaveology.

From Wikipedia: In English names for fields of study, the suffix -logy is most frequently found preceded by the euphonic connective vowel o so that the word ends in -ology. Since I wanted to make videos about shaving, just add “ology” and Shaveology was born; technically Pogonotomy would be correct, but it was already in use. Fake term. Real shaving. Did I mention I am also an ice creamologist?

My wife is the accomplished writer, not me, but she nudged me in the direction of joining her blog about our adventure in dieting. I never joined that blog, but I lost 20 pounds. I did however, start a blog to promote the Shaveology youtube channel. My goal is to start producing short, informative, entertaining videos about wet shaving. Each video will address a wet shaving topic and be well produced, easy-to-follow, and generally 5 minutes or less.

This was one of my first youtube videos; I plan to remake it soon for Shaveology.


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