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VDH Luxury Shave Soap at Target

Hey Shavers,

I figure most men beginning to wet shave, in the US, will probably try Van Der Hagen shaving soaps at some point.  VDH shaving soaps are widely available, affordably priced, and offer great performance; I’d definitely recommend giving them a try!

VDH was my gateway into wet shaving.  Their Deluxe soap was my first shaving soap and it was the only product that I used during my first 2 years of wet shaving, before venturing to other products.  My first brush was their inexpensive VDH boar shaving brush, available at most pharmacies.  Today, I mostly use shaving creams and I haven’t shaved with a VDH soap in a couple of years, but I use their Dual Action Bar Soap as part of my pre-shave routine and I still have pucks of Deluxe and Luxury Scented soaps in my shave cave (shave den, if you prefer).

Today, while running an errand at Target, I saw the VDH Luxury line in stock, consisting of the scented and unscented shaving soaps, badger brush, and starter shaving kit with boar brush & ceramic mug.  I bought their starter shaving kit with a badger brush when it first debuted on Amazon.  You can also find the Shea Moisture Shave Brush at Target.  The VDH brush is a bit better quality than the SM brush, but I like the ergonomics of the SM handle better.  Either badger brush would be a good first brush; I don’t care for the boar brush at all.  Personally, I choose to use a synthetic bristle shave brush because I feel I get better performance out of it, but I’ll discuss that in a future video…

Unfortunately, both bathrooms at our new house are compact; I don’t think my bathroom is going to be wide enough for a decent video camera angle.  We have a sink available in our garage, but the background is dreary and the acoustics suck; maybe I can dress it up a little bit…  The mic I ordered should arrive this week.

Until next time, shave well!



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