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Synthetic Brush Round-Up!

Hey Shavers,

I recently won an Edwin Jagger Synthetic Shave Brush in a giveaway promotion at  The brush arrived in the mail today and it is very nice.  The brush is smaller than I expected, but a test lather (using recently acquired New York Shaving Company’s Tonsorial Shave Cream) produced plenty of luscious cream.  It’s bristles are very badger-like in appearance and texture, but it holds water and dries like a synthetic.  Very interesting…

I’m definitely a synthetic brush enthusiast, something which may make some traditionalist wet shavers frown, but I enjoy their unique performance.  I have nothing against a badger or boar or any other natural hair brushes, it’s just my current personal preference.  Even synthetics vary widely in their performance, which was well documented in the recent Sharpologist series.

With the addition of this Edwin Jagger brush to my small collection, I want to make a video demonstrating the unique, individual lathering techniques of several different synthetic brushes.  Most likely, I won’t have the free time to produce the video until late September (plus some of the brushes are currently loaned out to friends), but here are the models I plan to showcase and evaluate:



4 comments on “Synthetic Brush Round-Up!

  1. Mr T
    July 27, 2013

    Great site! I saw on your later brush round up post that you have the Jack Black synthetic- can you tell me if the GBS is in fact the same brush? They sure look identical. Thanks.

    • shaveology
      August 30, 2013

      Sorry for the LATE response Mr. T! I only own the GBS shaving brush, however I have seen the Jack Black brush in person (at a Dillards store in Tampa, FL) and they physically look indentical…

  2. Dale
    April 16, 2014

    Where did you find the stand for the Beauty Strokes brush?

    • shaveology
      April 17, 2014

      Hey Dale,

      The stand that the Beauty Strokes brush is in came with the Van Der Hagen Luxury Shave Set (clear stand, black apothecary mug, shave brush, and scented shave soap). I got it at my local Target store, for about $22.

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