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Hey Shavers,

My interest was piqued by a comment on the Sharpologist website about an inexpensive razor, the Yuma, available at  At the ridiculously low cost of 1.99, I purchased it, along with an Arko shave stick and a Derby Shave Stick (which appear to be the exact same soap based on their scent and appearance) and their No. 6 horse hair shave brush.  I also bought a tube of Arko Maximum Comfort Shave Cream, which I haven’t tried yet.  The items were about $9 and then shipping from Turkey brought the order total to $15.  It took a little over 2 weeks to arrive; tonight I shaved with it for the first time.  The shave was very good, considering the quality of the products.

The Yuma safety razor is extremely lightweight and improperly balanced (the handle is hollow).  The razor head I received unevenly exposes the blade (making one side more aggressive).  If you’re aware of this then you can compensate for it during the shave.  I was able to complete a smooth, 3 pass shave without any irritation or nicks, on 3 day whiskers.

The No. 6 shave brush has a lightweight wood handle, but the bristles were as soft or softer than my VDH Luxury Badger Brush.  I’ve never had or used a horse hair brush before.  It wasn’t a bad experience (though I still prefer a synthetic).  It lathered the soap easily.  I don’t know how it would compare to a Vie Long horse hair brush; the smell of the wet brush was no worse than any of the 3 badgers I’ve owned (I fixed it with a spray of cologne, after the bristles had dried).  UPDATE:  I forgot to mention, it lost about 4 hairs the first time I lathered with it and it lost another 4-5 hairs during a second test lather.

Arko shave stick is known for its lathering capabilities and unique scent, at an inexpensive price.  The scent is mildly lemon + mothball.  I’m not crazy about it, but it did provide a very decent shave.  I would much rather use a more pleasingly scented soap or cream, but it could be useful for travel.

My work schedule hasn’t cleared up yet, like I expected it to, so I’ve been unable to make the Dreadnought Luxury Shave Cream video review or edit my Wet Shaving VS Cartridge Shaving demonstration videos.  The Great Shave 2012 is quickly approaching.  I hope I’ll see some of you there!

Until next time, shave well!



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