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Post Shave: The Great Shave 2012

Hey Shavers,

Just some quick thoughts about attending The Great Shave 2012 earlier this evening…  I’ll post a more detailed account soon-ish.  Much gratitude to the Q brothers and Merz Apothecary who put on the event; they were very gracious hosts!

Got to meet a lot of incredible wet shaving industry people, including:

  • Mark Herro (Mantic59) of
  • Lynn Abrams of Straight Razor Place
  • RazoRock founders, Joe and Michael
  • The Q brothers, J. and T. (Smallflower, Merz Apothecary, hosts of The Great Shave 2012)
  • Jess Stern from Stag Barbershop, Milwaukee
  • Chris Wilson of CRW Group LLC (US distributors of Dreadnought)
  • Castle Forbes founder, Andrew French
  • Jeff Dandurand, founder of Jack Black mens products
  • Howie Woda, partner & distributor of Parker Safety Razors
  • Christian Müller, general manager of Mühle

and there were many, many more, that my tired brain isn’t remembering right now!  I also met reps from Truefitt & Hill, Caswell-Massey, and I Colonial…  There is a T&H shop in Chicago!  Geofatboy was scheduled to be there, but was unable to make it in time (or something).  I’m not sure if it sold out, but there were 300 people there, easily.  Merz Apothecary is a wet shaver’s candy store!  My wife and I will be in Chicago for a couple of days, so I definitely plan to go back and stock up!  I’ll try to get some pictures too.  The swag bag from Merz was easily worth 3-4x the cost of admission!  More details to come…

I got to meet and talk to Mantic [!] and show my gratitude, for all that he’s done for modern wet shaving, by presenting him with a custom edition shaving tee!

I also randomly handed out 5 free wet shaving tees and a handful of business cards advertising the blog and zazzle tees.  It was a blast and I’m already looking forward to The Great Shave 2013…

Night shavers,


PS  I’m scruffy because I thought I was going to be able to get a barbershop shave during the event, but it was by appointment only!  Luckily, I met a local barber who can shave me tomorrow.


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