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A Harbinger of Wet Shaving’s Public Return?

Hey Shavers,

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I’ve mentioned the Van Der Hagen line of wet shaving products before, but their “new” Traditional DE Razor finally popped up at a local Target store where I live in Clearwater, FL.

My local Walmart is now carrying the Luxury Shave Set, but no razor (yet).

I’m glad to see traditional wet shaving products on the shelf!  VDH is a great entry level brand and they make good quality products at an affordable price.  I did take the razor out of the package while standing in the aisle, but I didn’t take any photos of it.  It appears to be a Chinese “Weishi” razor or one very similar to it.  While the actual Weishi razor I purchased in China has a hollow handle, the VDH handle has been weighted (though the balance feels “off” to my hand).

Could this razor, along with the Micro Touch One DE Razor (which I haven’t been able to find locally) be the first wave of a public return to wet shaving?  Both razors are currently marketed at $19.99, which I feel is a bit overpriced, however they serve as a gateway razor for the cartridge shaver that has never heard of traditional wet shaving…

The only problem I see with these traditional razors and products being available locally is the lack of available DE Blades.  Walmart discontinued carrying the Wilkinson Sword blades in 2012/2013 and Walgreens and CVS store brand DE blades are marked up to exorbitant prices (sometimes $7.99 per 10 pack)!

I don’t expect traditional wet shaving to surpass cartridge shaving again, but I’d love for there to atleast be a more diverse offering to the public and for wet shaving products to be more readily available locally.  If not in the major retailers, then more shaving stores like Mertz Apothecary (in Chicago, IL), Maggard Razors (in Adrian, MI), and New York Shaving Co. (New York, NY) among other places.  Art of Shaving stores are OK, but they generally stock only A0S products and not a variety from other vendors.


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