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Becoming A Barber: Week 1

Hey Shavers,

The first 200 hours at barber school are designated Phase 1, with Mr. Alex. I don’t have a list of all the topics that will be covered in Phase 1, but I expect it will be mostly hair science & composition and chemical services (clippers & clipper cutting are introduced in Phase 2). AIB allows students to enter Phase 1 any week of the year; topics are discussed cyclically, and eventually I’ll cover every introductory topic before Phase 2.

Before starting AIB Barber School, I knew that I would have to learn a topic or two that I wasn’t particularly interested in, but would be necessary for taking the state licensing exam. Well, I jumped right in on one of those topics my first week… Perming (and chemical texture services). Ugh. My mother used to do home perm kits and I still remember how awful they smelled.

I spent Week 1 learning to part and section hair on a Suzie-Kin Hair mannequin and demonstrate rolling the hair into Basic, Curve, Bricklay, Spiral, and Piggy-Back wrapping patterns for perming (straight hair to curly).  We also learned about chemical hair relaxing (curly to straight) and reformation curl (Jheri curl). In Phase 2 I’ll have to demonstrate 50 perming services on the mannequin…

In Week 2, we’re going to have a guest demonstration & lecture by The Clipper Guy, Ivan Zoot. Next update, I’ll let you know what new subjects we learned about.  Week 3 we will begin learning shear cutting (scissors).

– – – – – – – – – –

I saw a post about Dove Mens+Care Expert Shaving Line mentioned on Facebook this weekend. I checked one of my local Target stores, but the line hasn’t shown up there yet. Has anyone tried these products yet? They seem a bit expensive, I personally put a cap of about $20 on shaving products I purchase, but it is further proof that wet shaving is once again becoming recognized by the public.

Until next time, Shave Well!

Handsome Rob (barber in training)
“I’m handsome, and you can be handsome too!”


3 comments on “Becoming A Barber: Week 1

  1. mantic59
    June 2, 2014

    Dove/Unilever is throwing a lot of money into Dove Mens+Care but most of the products are only a little better than average. IMO.

    • shaveology
      June 2, 2014

      That’s disappointing to hear. If only RazoRock products could be mass produced and available to the public…

  2. wutwutman
    June 23, 2014

    I use the Dove Mens+Care After Shave balm. I like it decently. Not greasy, absorbs well. Feels nice and smooth on my head. About average priced I would say (around $6).

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