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Becoming a Barber: Week 4

Hey Shavers,

I have completed my first full month of classes at AIB Barber School!  During my fourth week we continued shear and comb work and learned clipper-over-comb work.  I performed 5 haircuts on my male mannequin:

  1. Shears-Over-Comb Tapered Haircut
  2. Flat Top using Clippers and Shears-Over-Comb
  3. Temp Fade Haircut
  4. Mid Fade Haircut
  5. High Fade Haircut

I’ve set up a Handsome Rob The Barber Instagram account to document my progress.  Upon satisfactory completion of my haircuts, I received my Haircutting Pin.

We learned how to remove the (Heel and Cutting) blades from a pair of clippers to clear out debris, how to properly align the blades, and performed proper disinfection practices. I learned that you can use shaving cream, like a hair gel, to get hair to stand up straighter when cutting a flat top. The key to a great taper or fade is incrementally cutting the hair shorter, using your clipper blade adjustment + clipper guides.

Week 5 we’re going to cover hot towel shaving. Woot! This is the service that I want to become known for. 3-4 more weeks and I’ll be promoted to Phase 2, where I can begin servicing customers in our school Barber Zone.

– – – – – – – – – –

As mentioned in my last update, I placed an order for a Daune Shavette Razor; I’ll write a review after I am able to use it several times. I received the eBarbershop Pre-Shave Gel over the weekend and have shaved with it once; I noticed additional slickness throughout the entire shave.

Over the past month, I’ve been getting FANTASTIC shaves, since I discovered the right combination of Razor + Blade.  My primary razor is a Lord L6 razor head on a RazoRock Jaws razor handle, using Lord Super Stainless (SS) blades. I also own a RazoRock Jaws razor, Muhle R89 razor, and Bevel razor (I love the Bevel razor but don’t care for any of their other products or the subscription service business model).  I like the L6 and Bevel razors best for their mild yet efficient performance, but since discovering the Lord SS blades, I’ve gotten more comfortable, efficient shaves with the Jaws and R89 razors too. YMMV of course.


Until next time, Shave Well!

Handsome Rob (barber in training)
“I’m handsome, and you can be handsome too!”


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