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Becoming a Barber: Week 6

Hey Shavers,

Hope you had a great 4th of July! (fireworks video) During my 6th week we were introduced to Hair Coloring and Lightening (bleaching). Due to the holiday, we only had 3 days of classes.

Hair is made of a protein called Keratin. The hair’s natural color is due to the presence of Eumelanin pigment which gives black and brown hair its coloring or Pheomelanin pigment which gives yellowish-blond, ginger, and red hair coloring. Contributing pigment is the pigment that lies under the natural hair color. Hair composition will change with age, including the loss of pigment. White hair is the natural color of keratin, without eumelanin or pheomelanin.

Level is the degree of lightness or darkness of hair; Black = Level #1 while Lightest Blond = Level 10.  The first step in any color service is determining the hair’s level and tone (color).

Hair coloring is based upon lightening or darkening the natural color of hair, in harmony with the contributing pigments. Hair coloring is either oxidizing (requires mixing with peroxide, which also lightens/bleaches) or non-oxidizing and can be temporary to permanent:

  • Temporary color – (non-oxidizing) Lasts until the next time hair is washed.
  • Semipermanent color – (non-oxidizing) Last 6-8 shampoos.
  • Demipermanent color – (oxidizing) non-lightening, lasts longer than semipermanent.
  • Permanent color – (oxidizing) Permanently changes the hair’s pigment.

Semi, Demi, and Permanent hair color require a Patch Test to be performed 24-48 hrs before the color service to ensure that a client will not have an allergic reaction to the coloring product/agents. A Strand Test is performed during the color service to determine how long hair will need to process with the coloring agent.

During Week 7, my final week of Phase 1, we will be learning about maladies of the skin and hair, facial services, and facial and scalp massage.

– – – – – – – – – –

In my Week 5 update, I mentioned the difficulty of using traditional shaving products in a state that prohibits the use of a shaving brush. I continued thinking about it and decided to experiment with alternative ways to produce traditional lather, without a shaving brush…

Experiment #1: 2 tsp of water + almond-sized glob of shave cream in a Magic Bullet Blender. Bubbly water. FAIL

Experiment #2: 2 tsp of water + almond-sized glob of shave cream vigorously hand-shaken in a 4 oz container. Runny, bubbly lather. FAIL

Experiment #3: 2 tsp of water + almond-sized glob of shave cream mixed in a ceramic bowl with a 5-speed, hand-held kitchen mixer. Thick, creamy lather. SUCCESS


Until next time, Shave Well!

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2 comments on “Becoming a Barber: Week 6

  1. mantic59
    July 7, 2014

    Does the State prohibit use of *any* shaving brush? What if the customer brought their own? If they can maybe you can do a “throwback” to the days of shaving mugs by offering a premium service with the customer’s own mug and (inexpensive) shaving brush that would be kept on a presentation shelf in the shop?

  2. mantic59
    July 7, 2014

    Also, I recall a post years ago (either SMF or B&B I’m not sure) where someone figured out the right mix to use Trumper cream with a Lather King. Might be worth researching!

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