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Becoming a Barber: Week 7

Hey Shavers,

Had to catch up on errands and laundry today. My last week of Phase 1 was busy; we covered 3 of the longest chapters in the Milady’s Standard Professional Barbering textbook. At the beginning of the week we learned about maladies and infections of the face and scalp, then near the end of the week we learned how to perform a facial service and massage. My wife was excited for me to learn this, so I could “practice” at home.

I also performed my second hot towel shave on Ricardo; he literally fell asleep during the 2nd hot towel and snored through the shave!  I shaved him using the Daune Shavette, which handled really well. Finished his service with a nice splash of Pinaud Clubman.

After some research and asking around, I decided to purchase the Wahl Hero trimmers and Wahl Legend clippers. The Legend’s clipper blade appears to be almost identical to the Wahl Seniors, but they have a farther “throw” between the open and closed blade taper adjustment. The Legend also came with a full set of 9 guide combs, opposed to only 3 with the Seniors, granted my instructor says you’d generally use shear-over-comb for hair longer than a #4 guide (1/2″). My friend Steve has volunteered to be one of my first clients on Tuesday 7/15.

I spent some time today designing a dual-sided business card.  Tomorrow I begin barbering in Phase 2!

– – – – – – – – – –

So I recently purchased Dapper Dragon Strawberry Lemonade Limited Edition Shaving Soap. This is my first time using a Dapper Dragon soap. It arrived over the weekend and I was able to shave with it Saturday night.  The scent doesn’t convey strawberry lemonade to me, but it is light and fresh and the soap lathered very well. Overall an enjoyable shave.


Until next time, Shave Well!

Handsome Rob (Instagram)
“I’m handsome, and you can be handsome too!”



2 comments on “Becoming a Barber: Week 7

  1. Ritergurl
    July 14, 2014

    You better believe I was excited for you to learn a barber scientific facial! Hardest thing about being a barber’s wife? Not asking for facial massages every evening after work! So proud of you, Handsome Rob!

  2. mantic59
    July 15, 2014

    I’m afraid to ask about the “maladies and infections of the face and scalp”!

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