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Becoming a Barber: Week 8

Hey Shavers,

Week 8, my first week in Phase 2, brought about my first public clients. I had a total of 4 clients this week, but that will increase as I begin to advertise my services and build up a client list.

My first client on Tuesday, Bill, has been a customer of the Barber School since it’s opening. He got a #1.5 buzz cut (3/16″) all over.  His hair was extremely fine and required multiple passes, with, across, and against the growth to ensure all hairs got cut.

My next client was my friend Steve H. from church. His haircut was more technical; a 1/4″ taper on the sides, blended to about 1.5″ on top.  I was really pleased with how the haircut turned out, but forgot to get pictures.  He took a picture himself afterwards.

I didn’t get any clients Wednesday or Thursday.  On Friday I had a client, named James, who got a 1/2″ buzz cut and mustache trim. On Saturday, another member of my church, Steve W., requested me; he was also a regular patron of the school. He had fine hair, but I knew how to approach it after my experience with Bill.

I already have 2 clients booked for Tuesday morning and, now that my personalized business cards have arrived, I’ll begin handing them out in public.

One of my fondest childhood memories of visiting the Barbershop was the shoulder massage that my barber performed after the cut.  He used an Oster Imperial Massager (video) and I was able to find a gently used one on eBay for $30.  It has been a big hit with my fellow barber students and clients; several students have said they want to follow suit and get one too.

– – – – – – – – – –

 While out shopping today, I stumbled across Body Prescriptions Clean Citron Shaving Cream (image) at T.J. MAXX.  It was $4.99 for a 14.2 oz jar and the directions included using a shaving brush, so I decided to give it a try.  I haven’t shaved with it yet, but a test lather revealed it does not lather at all. It’s really annoying when crap creams claim they can be applied with a brush.

A fellow Wicked_Edge redditor reached out to me when he found out I also lived in the Tampa Bay Area. His name is Frank and I’m going to meet him next week to exchange some product samples and introduce him to synthetic shaving brushes.

Until next time, Shave Well!

Handsome Rob (Instagram)
“I’m handsome, and you can be handsome too!”


One comment on “Becoming a Barber: Week 8

  1. William Bettis
    July 22, 2014

    Thanks for your post. Hope you’re blessed in your endeavors at barbering.

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