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Becoming a Barber: 1050 Hours

Hey Shavers,

I’ve reached 1050 hours (1200 hours Total). My projected completion date is February 19, 2015 (27 days from this posting).

I’ll finish my 350 haircuts this week. I still have 16 hair color services to perform, which I’ll complete on my 2 hair manikins, along with 50 more shampoo services. I’m scheduled to take my school final exam 1/28, which is supposed to be similar to the questions on the state licensing exam, which I’ll register to take upon completing school. I’ll also have to perform a Mock Board (haircut technical exam) sometime in February; I’m currently trying to line up a model to cut.

This past Monday, I visited Your Dads Barber Shop in Dunedin, FL and shadowed the owner. He was kind enough to let me cut 13 clients, the most I have serviced in a single day. He and I are discussing the possibility of employment and mentorship.

Later this month, or probably next month to coincide with Barber School completion, I will be writing a review of the book The Barber Code by Jay the Barber for  I also recently came across which features the blog and DVD series of Bob Ohnstad, a barber with over 50 years experience. I purchased his Precision Clipper Cutting series and look forward to the tips and wisdom he can impart.

– – – – – – – – – –

During the first week of January I visited The Shave Cave barber shop in St. Petersburg, FL. It’s an awesome, upscale, modern barbershop that also sells a small selection of wet shaving products and supplies. I purchased a new tub of Dreadnought shaving cream while there; they also stock TOBS, Edwin Jagger, Razors, Shavettes, Brushes, and Blades. They have  a Shave Cave house brand of Pre-Shave and Aftershave and are currently developing a Shaving Cream too. Each shaving service includes a synthetic shaving brush, which the client can keep. Returning shave clients get a discount when they bring the brush back for use.

I received my Rockwell Razors 6S stainless steel razor earlier this month. Although some shavers received units with incomplete finish, I believe my razor wasn’t one of them. I have shaved with it 5 or 6 times so far and have settled on the R3 and R4 base plates.

I will be Skype interviewing Kevin, the CEO of Wet Shave Club ( next Monday for an upcoming article and review of one of their Starter Kits.

I’ve recently become aware of a company using the name Shaveology to sell a wet shaving Starter Kit on  I have no affiliation with them; their website is copyrighted 2015, but I have been using the branding online since 2012.

Until next time, Shave Well!

Handsome Rob (Instagram)
“I’m handsome, and you can be handsome too!”

2 comments on “Becoming a Barber: 1050 Hours

  1. Frank McKinney
    January 26, 2015

    Hi Rob,

    Can’t believe you’re so close to graduation. You have worked hard for this moment and for the future.

    Frank McKinney

  2. MaleGroomings
    July 20, 2015

    Is this the requirement to become a barber? 1050 hours? That is crazy. But good job man, your next obstacle is to not cut anyone’s neck with a straight razor!

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